Your Website is Like a Car…if You Don't Service it Regularly, You're Going to Start Having Problems

Ideally, all pieces of your website and property will be working as hard as they can for your business. But we often found something's not right.


Your Website Domain

Your domain is like a license needs to clearly identify you just as any car's license plate would clearly identify it's owner.


Your Website Appearance

Your website design is like a car's visible appearance - is it shiny and new, or dull and outdated? Think about your site appearance like the difference between driving an Italian Sports car vs. a beat up 1972 Pinto!


Your Website Content

What you put into your car will affect how it runs. Clean oil and the proper type of fuel will produce good results. Likewise, quality website content will drive prospects to your services and grow your business!


Your Website Engine

If you've ever bought a car, you've most likely checked under the hood before purchasing. Just as car engines have to be regularly maintained to run smoothly, your website engine also needs consistent tune-ups.


Your Website Hosting

If you drive a nice car, you care where you park it, right? Wherever you host your website is where you park it. Your parking place controls things like the speed and security of your website, so you don't want to cut corners here!


Your Website Security

Most newer vehicles have auto-anti-theft systems. This might include a car alarm, or other features that make it difficult to steal. In the same way, your website needs ongoing, consistent security checks and technical maintenance.



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