4Ward Solutions Group – Case Study

Company Overview

4Ward Solutions Group's goal is to leverage extensive expertise and experience in the offsite and industrialized building industry. They offer a range of solutions and services designed to help customers expand their businesses, launch new products and improve their operations. Their focus is on increasing profitability and productivity by empowering customers with the latest industry knowledge, technology and best practices.

4ward Case Study 1
4ward Case Study 2

The Challenge

  • Company web presence was outdated, not matching name or brand.

  • Site service descriptions no longer matched customer targets.

  • Site actions did not match growth and expansion plans.

  • Social media presence inactive.

  • Google and other rankings were poor compared with competitors.

The Solution

  • Complete revamp and redesign of website.

  • Revised wording, messaging and key calls-to-action to align with the latest goals.

  • Launched active social media campaign and audience builder on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business.

  • Managed lead generation with new Google Ads campaign.

4ward Case Study 3
4ward Case Study 4


  • Active web presence has led to business growing from a handful of staff to 350 employees.

  • Annual revenue growth from $500,000 to over $23 million.

  • Strong performance led to company acquiring a second company in 2021.

  • Online advertising has regularly produced quality and lucrative prospects in a highly targeted industry.

  • Online advertising has also overtaken other forms of advertising (mailing, magazine placements).

  • Facebook routinely reaches over 3,000 people per month.