When you choose Super Charge Marketing, you are choosing professionals with a depth of experience in online marketing.  We handle setup, customization, design, content, and follower collection of such popular sites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Our work can also include website design, email marketing, Google AdWords, search engine optimization, video creation and promotion.  We serve clients of all backgrounds and businesses locally, nationally, and around the world.  Our headquarters is located in the Puget Sound in Lynnwood, Washington.

What is the Super Charge difference?

  1. Premium Service. Our emphasis remains on individual customer service and communication.  We will get back to you when you contact us, we will communicate and obtain your feedback, and we will work to ensure that you are happy with our services.
  2. Real Results. There are a lot of businesses out there who promise the moon for $5, and then do not deliver.  We work directly with you to design the most professional and appropriate package for your needs.  We develop unique and individualized content for your website and/or social media presence, avoiding the generic content offered by others.
  3. Real Tracking.  What are you paying for and what results are you getting?  Your success is our success.  We regularly report on updates, data, and achieving goals for your campaign.  Track the clicks, track the calls and real-world results that you’re receiving through online marketing.


Thank you for considering Super Charge Marketing and please let us know if we can provide any other information,

Matt Cail, Owner