BLOX – Case Study

Company Overview

Blox provides top-notch solutions for your commercial or residential construction needs.

Projects include large-scale commercial renovations and custom home building. Services includes the entire process, starting with initial contact and moving on into information collecting during pre-construction. Blox staff remain engaged and communicative during construction, providing updates and answering questions on the latest work. When finished Blox covers all of the work under warranty.

BLOX Case Study 1
BLOX Case Study 2

The Challenge

  • Website had become outdated both technically and in regards to design.

  • Site coding and setup required staff to make changes through a long and convoluted process.

  • That involved checking site code and making even the most basic changes multiple times before the site reflected them.

  • Past web design firm was unhelpful and generally unresponsive to requests.

  • Critical site architecture was also out of date, raising security concerns.

The Solution

  • Moved site architecture to a combination of backend builder and WordPress installation.

  • Brought site design up to date, also integrating larger visual displays of past work and extensive gallery creation.

  • Moved site to higher speed hosting.

  • Provided staff training to quickly make content and other straightforward updates.

BLOX Case Study 3
BLOX Case Study 4b


  • Redesigned website began generating new business leads within 30 days of launch.

  • Website leads significantly contributed to a full pipeline of projects lasting over 3 years.

  • Key staff saved approximately 2 hours per week either through making faster updates or not having to worry about technical and security updates.

  • Saved time went to support other activities such as project and human capital management.