TCBY Franchise

Problem:  New TCBY franchise opening in 35 days with limited marketing dollars.  How to generate a large opening day crowd, as well as the nucleus of a strong client base?

Solution:  Aggressive Facebook campaign, targeting those users with strong interest in TCBY's offerings via visual advertising.  Geography was key and advertising was limited to within 10 miles of the location.  Posting of engaging and frequent content leading up to the grand opening event, including promoting special giveaways.

Result:  The location opened to a line around the block and nearly 300 new Facebook followers.

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Successful Grand Opening

Edmonds Veterans Plaza

Problem:   Community project has formed to build a veterans memorial in the community of Edmonds, Washington.  How to get the word out and provide various donation methods to support the project?

Solution:  Quick turn around on a newly designed website.  Ongoing social campaign to build engagement and to foster donations.  The website presented all current information on the project, as well as volunteer and donation methods.  Customized Facebook page soon collected 250+ local followers and has been utilized to further spread the word.  Online properties were then utilized to share with existing email and other contacts.

Result:  Project reached its fundraising goals and was successfully constructed.  The project opened to wide community acclaim in May 2017.

Western U.S. Building Consultants

Problem:  Company with an excellent reputation is virtually invisible on local and regional search results.  How to improve site traffic, visibility, and the number of forms filled out?

Solution:  Built a new website while significantly improving the business' search engine optimization (SEO).  This included a complete redesign of the website from the ground up, using a premium WordPress base and providing guidance to the client for future updates.

Result:  Client received more contact messages in the first month of the site going live than in the previous year.  Search engine presence for the business name is now dominated by business properties.  Business is also performing well in related searches.

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At Home Vet

Problem:   How to better track online marketing efforts and leads generated.  Special interest in how to track phone calls generated from online ads.

Solution:  Audited online marketing activities and stop those with unclear ROI.  Designed limited Google AdWords campaign hyper targeted to local markets.  Call and contact campaigns built with specific tracking mechanisms.

Result:  Calls and contacts now tracked for client.  Campaigns performing at a high-level for a relatively small budget, generating on average 2 local phone calls per week.  Cost per click, call and other lead generation, specifically tracked in monthly data report.

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