Tired of a lackluster LinkedIn profile?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level, professionally highlight services, and separate yourself from competitors.  You have two choices to pick from…

1.  Professional management.  Optimized profiles are great, but you need to keep building your contacts and to regularly post on your industry, services, and general business happenings.  Each one of those posts is a tickler to your network about what you do and the value you bring.  Have us monitor and manage your profile to get the benefits without the time sink . We’ll post 3 times per week, accept new connection requests, import new contacts, and monitor for messages and profile visits.  An initial consultation and updates are also included.

Cost – $500 per month
Term – 6 months

2.  One-time optimization.  Get a fully optimized and redesigned LinkedIn profile.  That includes working through all of your profile’s information, making necessary revisions, adding fields and graphics, and working with you to import email and other contacts.   Save time, get help, and grow your business.
Cost – $500, one-time

Make Your Online Presence Super!