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MAG staff are lucky to work for a company that already does a top notch job of using and supporting social media.  With Facebook poised to pass 1 BILLION members and more people using sites like it, Twitter, and YouTube to refer and find business, starting a social media presence today is a solid investment in tomorrow.

But it can be a bit daunting to get started.  Even if you’ve attended talks and conferences on the value of social media, it’s still a big jump to take action back in front of your computer screen.  To help you take those steps, my company provides free evaluations in partnership with MAG .  If you’re starting from scratch we’ll focus on where to begin.  If you’re further along, we’ll look at the holes and see where you can improve further.  Here’s what you get…

  • An individually targeted evaluation of your current social media presence.
  • Key next steps broken down by social media site
  • Rundown and examples of social media do’s and don’ts
  • Answers to any other questions

We do provide a range of social media services, including customization design, content, and follower collection, but the emphasis of the evaluation is first on what you can do yourself.

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