Your customers want to watch video!  With video consumption increasing every day, the only question is if you meet your customer and client expectations.  Here are some other advantages of video marketing!

  • Improve your website.  Video is excellent at helping your website leave a lasting impression.
  • Beat the competition.  You're already a step ahead of any business that does not have a video.  You can also create promotional videos for use at presentations, conferences, or other events.
  • Go viral. Sharing videos on sites like YouTube, or even an online newsletter has the power to spread fast, far, and wide.  Video is great at helping clients share your services with other prospects.

Video marketing content can include:

  • Music. A soundtrack selected from online music libraries fully available for commercial use.  Musical genres include classical, techno, rap, rock, country, electronica and more!
  • Professional Voice Narration. We have a group of actors we work with to provide a solid voice for a video's script.
  • Social Media and Mobile Friendly. All videos are designed for playback on social media networks, as well as smart phones.
  • Clicks.  Give viewers a way to CLICK on your website at the end of the video or through your profile.  Video descriptions will also include links back to your main website or another appropriate page (registration).
  • Download and keep files. Video quality is such that you can easily download and save your video files for further distribution.  Videos make a great gift, promotion, or email item for (prospective) clients.

Some of our most popular video services are as follows...

Live, High-Definition Shoots - Our videographer works with you on scripting and schedules an agreed upon time for the shoot.  These videos can be indoors or outdoors and be interview style or action-focused.

Puget Sound Tree Care

Video Slideshows - Get snappy promotional videos using photos, text, and special effects.  Let people SEE your product/service on Youtube and other video sharing websites. These are our most popular video as they effectively convey messages, don't break the bank, and can include catchy music tunes.

Wood Resources International

Animation Videos - These are fun and interesting.  They often show a process or specific outcome, answering questions on WHY a customer wants to work with your business.

Hannigan Insurance - Your Michigan Auto Insurance Experts

Video Tutorials - Walk visitors through your website’s key functions. Video includes recorded on-screen footage to demonstrate your website step-by-step.  Videos include screen zooms, pans, and other special effects.  Adding narration makes the tutorial crystal clear.

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