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Social Media Strategy, Setup, Customization and Design

Does your Lynnwood, WA small business have no social media presence, or desperately need a professional makeover?  We will professionally create and revise profiles on sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others.  We will design your presence from the ground up, creating strong profiles and a consistent brand identity across platforms.


Social Media Content, Management, Posting and Monitoring

Use our team of professional writers to ensure that you always have engaging, new content going out to your social media sites.  Content is the fuel for your profiles to collect new followers and increase engagement.  This is all done while saving your small business hours of time each week as we actively monitor your profiles for leads, comments, shares, messages, and questions.  Monitoring also includes monitoring your online reputation to make sure that you're aware what others are saying about your business.


Social Media Strategy Consulting

Need help on a project or unsure where to begin with social media?  We regularly consult on various projects to help you or your business understand the power of social media and other online marketing topics.  That has included online usage policies, internal tools, and surveys.  Getting a first or second opinion on online marketing can literally save your business millions of dollars.  These meetings can be scheduled as a  one-time event, a series, or as needed.


Social Media Speaking, Training & Help

Everyone is telling you to use social media, but how do you get your partners and employees educated and excited about it?  We regularly speak to Chambers of Commerce, associations, large employers and other business groups and offices on the value of social media, as well as best practices.  These events are sometimes scheduled months ahead of time, so please contact us in advance.


Lynnwood, WA Social Media Strategy Marketing Firm, Training and Help

Lynnwood, WA Social Media Strategy Marketing Firm

Lynnwood, WA Social Media Services Firm FAQs:

Super Charge Marketing officially incorporated in 2010.  But our founder has been working in social media and website design since the late 1990s.  This is an important question to ask because a lot of companies pop up like toadstools and are gone just as fast.  You want a local Lynnwood, WA social media company you know will be around for the long haul and that you can build a long-term relationship with.
Lynnwood, WA Social Media Services Firm FAQ

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