Filling in!

Thanks for everyone’s patience while we flesh the site out further!  There as a lot of information to transfer over, plus we’re trying to be really ambitious by improving that information, adding resources, and spicing things up with more visual aids (fancy speech for pictures).  Right now it looks like the site will be mostly done by early March 2011, as in all of the critical information will be up.  We’re also hoping to have added more bells and whistles, such as some freebies for subscribing and our own official site mascot.

Until then hang in there and we are checking email for all clients and prospective clients at this time.  When in doubt, contact us.

Oh, you can also keep up on the site, services, and specials on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We will also be beginning to post more USEFUL information on our services and website, social media, and video trends.  Just let us get the barn built before we start worrying about where we’ll put the hay.  🙂

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