That critical thing called TIME

Social media and video are not as complicated as solving the problem of nuclear fusion.  With enough effort and concentration most folks can become social media, and even video MASTERS.  But if that’s the case, then why are so many businesses and professionals missing the boat on social media?  Furthermore, why are 3 in 4 of businesses that are using social media unknowingly limiting the power of their campaigns?

This is not the first article to wrestle with this subject.  Several other articles have boiled the topic down to the author saying “well, you must need my help to show you the way”.  Why I’m sure many of these people do indeed help their clients, that implies that a lot of these clients “don’t get it” or are somehow dense.  Yet most of the clients I work with are sharp and more than capable at navigating new technologies.  These were the first adopters of cell phones and laptops and cutting edge is their middle name.  So if people have the smarts, what causes so much trouble with effectively using social media?

Have the time?

Have the time?

On word:  TIME.  I’ve found is that it’s not so much ability, rather time that is the limiting factor.  Some of the businesses that social media can be effective at boosting, such as law firms, dental practices, mortgage and other financial companies, restaurants, and most other small businesses, are also operations that place heavy demands on a person’s time.  These successful individuals already contract for certain support services.  For the office this can be appointment setting and other administration, as well as mailing out materials.  In restaurants there are food supplies to order and regular deliveries to schedule.  Social media, which increasingly requires a good chunk of time each and every day to manage effectively, makes sense to add to the traditional outsource or contract list for businesses.

Several of Super Charge Marketing’s clients have been candid:  I can either keep up my social media and branded presence, or I can close the latest mega deal.  I can spend $2 so I can make $10.  Thus social media becomes another in our daily exercises of time management and effective delegation.  Video creation can be even more time consuming than social media management, albeit in the short term, and the same lessons apply.  You may be the sort that can somehow keep that extra social media ball in the air while running a business, closing deals, and managing the day-to-day.  But if you just don’t have the time, consider hiring someone to help.