Social Media Rule #68 – The Value of Visuals

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Text is boring. That’s the central point of this post.  Sure, people can read all day long.  Some of us enjoy reading immensely, while others push on through the letters.  How many different things do we read in a given day?  LOTS.  Online articles, weather forecasts, text messages, emails, billboards, menus, and on and on. …

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Video…the missing ingredient

Active on Facebook….check. Active on Twitter…check. Good website…check. Have a video….uh oh. The above condenses a conversation I have had with some of my clients that are relatively active online.  These are the clients with a vibrant Facebook presence, hundreds of Twitter followers, and a dynamic and interactive website.  Even among the best of the…

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That critical thing called TIME

Have the time?

Social media and video are not as complicated as solving the problem of nuclear fusion.  With enough effort and concentration most folks can become social media, and even video MASTERS.  But if that’s the case, then why are so many businesses and professionals missing the boat on social media?  Furthermore, why are 3 in 4…

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Social Media, Video, and the Mortgage Industry

While I serve clients of various professions and backgrounds, one of my current clients works in the mortgage industry.  At his request, I will be speaking to a group of professionals employed by the Mortgage Advisory Group on Thursday, February 10th in Mill Creek, Washington.  The topic will be social media, video, and application to…

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Super Charge Marketing…on the way!

Everyone stay tuned for the arrival of Super Charge Marketing’s new and improved website!  Until then, the site is a work in progress and I appreciate your patience.  Hang in there and send me an email if you need a FAST response.  And if you can’t wait for a better update, there are always cute…

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A design hill to climb

We will be revving up the new site over the next several days, but as always, there are also other projects to move forward on.  That means some juggling, but there should still be improvements nearly every single day.

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