Social Media, Video, and the Mortgage Industry

While I serve clients of various professions and backgrounds, one of my current clients works in the mortgage industry.  At his request, I will be speaking to a group of professionals employed by the Mortgage Advisory Group on Thursday, February 10th in Mill Creek, Washington.  The topic will be social media, video, and application to the mortgage industry.  Every profession brings a unique angle to social media.  The ways that social media can benefit businesses and individuals shifts by profession and it is by no means a one-size-fits-all.  That said, there are some general themes and best practices that apply across the board (like being active on your social media profiles and frequently posting).  I will  be covering all of that, plus how video is the new frontier of Internet marketing.  Currently, my in-person consultations and seminars are limited to the Pacific Northwest, but I have participated in video conferences and web meetings.  If you’re interested in me speaking to your particular office or group, please contact me for additional information.

Update:  The presentation went very well with good information provided and better questions!  A very sharp group of people attended and were interested in learning the latest techniques to heighten their business and related marketing.

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