What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

Despite messaging, of the various emails we get, a frequent question is what exactly does a social media manager do?  Some like to be vague or mysterious about what they do.  Who knows why this is, but let’s shed some light on the topic.

1) Account creation.  Some people are masters of sites like Facebook and Twitter, while others are still learning it, and still others are at step 1, but know they want to use it.  We help establish and customize accounts for users of all levels.  Even the experts sometimes have some easy fixes that they can implement to help set their accounts apart. And of course after the account is created, there is message monitoring, managing reputation, and content creation, which we’ll turn to next.

2) Content.  For every 5 accounts on Facebook, 4 suffer from chronic under-posting. It’s not enough to have a profile.  If businesses and individuals want followers, there needs to be a stream of quality content to share.  This can be anything from article and video links to observations to naturally business news.  And if you want to get real snazzy you can have special content, like a video, created.  For  those who do not have the time or desire, having someone manage content can be a huge benefit.

3) Follower collection.  Having attractive accounts and consistent content will attract followers like moths to the flame, but a social media manager can also go on the offensive and invite prospective followers to your page.  This can be from contact lists a client has or other targeting based on geography, demographics, or other factors.  It can be labor intensive and impractical if you don’t have hours in your day to invite dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people.

4) SEO.  While Search Engine Optimization is its very own special world, since search engines love social media the two inevitably intertwine.  Facebook and Twitter account and content subjects, as well as YouTube videos, all can boost the rankings of a linked, central website.  Search engines like Google also love social media sites enough to have them show up as links in their own right with the proper configuration.

There’s more and the above descriptions are short and general, but the four areas cover the social media services we provide to most of our clients.  The biggest values are saving time while still creating a professional and valued brand identity on popular social media sites.  For more on our services click through here.