Behold the Power of LinkedIn

Me:  So Mr X., to get started today in discussing and evaluating your social media profile, I’d like to ask you a few questions first.

Mr. X.:  Sure, shoot!

Me: Are you active on Facebook?

Mr. X.: Definitely, I post about 4 times per week.  The posts have some links back to my main site, but also provide information to serve as a resource for the folks that follow me.

Me:  Excellent, what about Twitter?

Mr. X.:  I try and tweet at least once a day.  Again, some links back to the site, but also to sites and articles I’ve found interesting.  I post some snarky commentary too.

Me:  Nice, it’s good to make sure you’re having fun.  How is YouTube working for you?

Mr. X: We  finally got a video up and running on our very own channel a few months back.  It’s nice to see our product visually displayed and getting views.

Me: Sounds like you’re firing on all cylinders.  Last question, how often are you on LinkedIn?

Mr. X:  ?

Me:  LinkedIn, the site for professionals to engage with peers, collect recommendations, and of course post and response to job listings.

Mr. X: …

Me:  LinkedIn, the site that recently zoomed past 70 million users and had a HUGE IPO.  LinkedIn, that allows you to join groups to follow and discuss the same product and issues, create “events” to promote product roll outs, and to create and edit company profiles.  And LinkedIn, that offers most of its features free of charge.

Mr. X:  Maybe I should join LinkedIn next?

Me:  Bingo.