The Value of Social Media

What is the value of social media?  At first glance this should be a simple question, but in reality it leads to some complicated answers. People may ask this question because they are either considering starting, or doing something more, with their social media profiles, or are looking to justify not “wasting time” on it. …

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Behold the Power of LinkedIn

Me:  So Mr X., to get started today in discussing and evaluating your social media profile, I’d like to ask you a few questions first. Mr. X.:  Sure, shoot! Me: Are you active on Facebook? Mr. X.: Definitely, I post about 4 times per week.  The posts have some links back to my main site,…

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Social Media Rule #68 – The Value of Visuals

E-mail me for the real deal...

Text is boring. That’s the central point of this post.  Sure, people can read all day long.  Some of us enjoy reading immensely, while others push on through the letters.  How many different things do we read in a given day?  LOTS.  Online articles, weather forecasts, text messages, emails, billboards, menus, and on and on. …

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A design hill to climb

We will be revving up the new site over the next several days, but as always, there are also other projects to move forward on.  That means some juggling, but there should still be improvements nearly every single day.

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