Top 3 Social Media Practices

Top 3 Social Media Practices

At Super Charge Marketing we talk a lot about best practices when working for and speaking with clients.  These are tried and trued strategies and techniques to help ensure that you have a strong social media presence.  Many #socialmediafails happen when one or more of these are ignored.  There are so many best practices that it was hard to pick just three. 

1. Consistent content. Whether you are a brand new start-up or a Fortune 500 company, you want to engage with your audience and consumers on a consistent basis.  Business pages that you post content on once a month, or a few times per year, bring ZERO value to your online presence.  Having a torrent of 5 posts in a few hours once per month is also not a recipe for success.  You need consistent posting that your followers will come to expect.  In addition, businesses benefit from having a great social media presence since these sites help them to rank better on search engines. Want to stay on top of search results?  Post regular content on your social media platforms. 2. Unique content. Do you enjoy having 50 different people coming up to you and saying the same joke?  Neither do we.  Just as critical as posting regularly is making sure that the content that is unique.  What does that mean?  It means that the content tells your business’ story, that it isn’t just shared content, but rather original copy. Many businesses post generic content that says nothing about their business, their philosophy, or what is going on in their industry or community.  What is worse, some companies actually peddle these generic, auto posting services, preying upon businesses that understand that social media is important, but that generic content is next to worthless.  Strive to create content that is unique and caters to your geographic location or appeals to your target audience. Talk about current events and local news and try to establish yourself in the community before you try reaching out to a wider audience. 3. Don’t sell, sell, sell. Whether it’s an aggressive television commercial or an annoying ad on the radio, people are aware when they are being sold something. Most people react the same way when they come across commercials and they often ignore them. We understand the value that social media brings to a business, however, do not use your social media platform as your personal commercial generator or else people will tune you out.  People are on these platforms to be…social.  Not shocking, but a lot of posts act like people are there to consume bad infomercials.  Maybe on YouTube on that last one…

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