Location Marketing

Google’s Big Play

Big changes from Google this week with Google Places pages going away, replaced by Google+ Local Pages.  Most of the coverage has focused on the search engine implications of this change.  That makes sense as the immediate impact will be on local businesses with new and improved Google+ Local Pages. But the social media impact…

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Family help and ineffective social media

Family is great.  During the holidays, birthdays, births, summer picnics, random dinners, and all sorts of other events.  But in regards to social media, family may help or create an ineffective campaign. One of the parts of the social media marketing that I enjoy the most is talking to shop owners, real estate agents, dentists,…

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Social Media and Location, Location, Location

Seattle social media

Since the rise of the Internet in the mid 1990s, there has been a lot of emphasis on breadth.  The advice has been that businesses need to reach out to new markets across the country, or even the world.  That you need to think bigger, bigger, bigger to reach new customers.  This philosophy of online…

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A design hill to climb

We will be revving up the new site over the next several days, but as always, there are also other projects to move forward on.  That means some juggling, but there should still be improvements nearly every single day.

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